Anne Harris - Clinical Hypnotherapy.
What the clients say
Some of the feed back received fromAnne Harris Counselling Clients
(Entered here with their kind permission).
* Thanks heaps                                 Kay.         USA.
* Love the relaxing Meditation......... G.R.  Greytown. (Med)
*Thank you Anne........ P.D.                      Masterton (Coun)
*What a great start to our marriage, everyone should do this. When we decide to have Children we will be back  to prepare for that too. J&R Wairarapa (Pre Marital Coun) 
* Smoked for 30 years..Not now! E.R. Masterton. (Hypno)
* So very private....C. J. Wairarapa (Coun)
* Just so relaxing....J.R. Masterton. (Med)
* Thank you Anne......P.B. Masterton. (Coun)
* Amazing......J.J. Carterton. (Hypno)
* This will become regular.......P.A Masterton. (Med)
* Understanding & compassionate. S. Masterton. (Coun)
* I'll be back....Sally. Wellington. (Med)
*Better than group meditation.....A.K Carterton. (Med)
* Awesome............Peter. (Med)
*Worked for me!.......S.F. Carterton. (Hypno)
* Thank you again Anne.....A. P.                 London England. (Telephone Coun)
* A caring counsellor........Pat. Wairarapa. (Coun)
* Help with passing Exam. Student. Wairarapa. (Hypno)
* Self-confidence way up!. F.C. Wairarapa. (Hyypno)
* That was just amazing. J.R. Masterton. (Hypno)
* A Counsellor that listens. G.G. Wairarapa. (Coun)
I loved the private and peaceful consultation room as   well as the caring Therapy, thank you Anne. J.H.  (Coun)
Professional yet very understanding and caring. Thanks Anne.                                   F.O Wairarapa (Coun)
* Very affordable therapy!        R.T. Wairarapa (Hypno)
*Smoke free at last!                Jaze. Wairarapa (Hypno)
* Began the career I always dreamed about but didn't have the courage to  try. Cheers Anne. J. Masterton. (coun/Hypno)
* Kicked the booze and dope and now things are working out for me.       John. Masterton.                                                                                               (coun/Hpno) 
* Thanks heaps from us both Anne. Husband and Wife,   Masterton.                                                                           (Hypno for weight loss)
*Cheers Glenn glad I came. I felt that I could say whatever I wanted to without worrying about watching my words. Long haul trucker. Wellington.
* I liked the freedom of self expression. Glenns a straight shooter! JP Forestry.
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