Anne Harris - Counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy.
Your Guide to understanding the Counselling process at the

  • General procedures: Sessions usually last 50-60 minutes. If you are unable to attend a session, can you please give us at least 90 minutes notice, as this allows us to offer your time to someone else. If you miss a session without giving at least 90 minutes notice, you will be charged for the session at half the normal fee. 
  • Follow up sessions are available if required.
  • In general 3 sessions are usually enough to deal with most issues, however, depending on the situation, together we may find more or less sessions are required.  
  • Remember you may choose to end your counselling at any stage. (Please notify us if you choose to do so)
  • The centre provides a professional & confidential service with limited daily appointments to ensure your privacy. (No waiting room & at least one hour between clients)
  • Questions you may have about the Counsellors: You may ask about our qualifications, experience, preferred ways of working, areas of expertise and professional affiliations. 
  • While confidentiality is respected at all times: There are some times when confidentiality cannot be assured: (1) if your welfare or the welfare of others is at risk.  (2) if there is a court directive, records may be summoned. 
Please note that those seeking treatment who are in a violent relationship, dangerous situation,  or  suffering  depression or suicidal thoughts should contact the relevant authorities that are more qualified to help them...for example Police, Doctor or Mental Health.

Wairarapa Mental Health ph 9469805. After hours ph 9469800.
Stopping violence services ph 3770933.
Rape crisis advice services ph 0800614614

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