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Quit Smoking, Questions and Answers
Q: Will I stop smoking with Hypnosis?
A: If you have reached a point in your life where you are determined and want to kick the habit once and for all, then the odds are all stacked well in your favour, and YES you will stop smoking. 95% of Anne's clients stop smoking.
Q: Why doesn't Hypnosis to stop smoking work on all people?
A: Well it all depends on the reasons why people come to Hypnosis to stop the habit. If you come because of the above reasons then your chances of stopping are great, BUT:
1) If you come because someone else has been nagging you to stop smoking and do something about it, then most likely you will not stop smoking because it was not your decision in the first place. Clinical Hypnosis cannot force you to do anything against your will.
2) If you are determined to carry on smoking regardless then NO, Hypnosis is not a magic bullet.
Q: How many sessions will it take to stop me smoking?
A: For the vast majority one visit is enough. For others it may vary. Some it may take a few visits, others may return every so often if the urge to smoke returns for any reason (stress, family crisis, work pressure etc.) Everyone is a unique individual and has different needs and requirements & Anne treats each depending on their own personal situation/s. There is no "one size fits all"....Sessions are prepared just for you.
Q: This sounds quite  expensive with all this individual treatment. If I have to have some return visits, what's it all going to cost me, can I afford it?
A: Good question. I think you can. The initial consultation costs $75.00 and takes around 90 minutes. For most that is all they require. However for those who do need or want to return for  reinforcement session/s in the future, then the consultation fee will cost $50.00 per visit.
Compared to the cost of smoking, (both health and money wise) this is very good value indeed.
Q: What is the difference between Anne and other Hypnotherapists?
A: Anne is both Qualified as a Professional Counsellor as well as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and because of this she recognises that each client has very special individual requirements. 
Therefore she uses a unique combination of Counselling, Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy designed by Anne to help clients. (see Combination Therapy)
*Before making an appointment for Hypnosis please consult with your Doctor if pregnant or discontinuing any prescription treatment.
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