Anne Harris - Counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy.
About pre Marital & pre Children Counselling
Pre-Marital Counselling: Pre-Marital counselling is very fast becoming a popular investment for all serious and committed couples wanting  to start off their new marriage/partnership on the right foot. Learning how to establish guidelines & goals for your unique new life together allows you to move forward into your marriage with the confidence and knowledge that  is necessary  for a loving, trusting and caring long term relationship.
Pre-Children Counselling: How many times have you heard people saying “Children don't come with a hand book, I wish they did”. Bringing a baby into your home and marriage can be very stressful so the more prepared you BOTH are, the better.
Advanced knowledge and preparation will greatly assist you and your partner in this very special time in your relationship.
Anne has an Advanced Study Major in Child Development and Effective Parenting.
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