Anne Harris - Clinical Hypnotherapy.
Combination Therapy.
In most cases only one session is required.
A unique combination of Counselling, Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy designed by Anne to help clients with:
  • Preparing for exams: Ideal for students young or mature with pre exam nerves.
  • Sitting for a driving licence: or when taking lessons.
  • Dental visits: Pre visit jitters.
  • Job interviews: Help with confidence issues and self-presentation.
  • Sports: Get that winning edge on your opponents.
  • Goal Achievement: Help in setting your goals.
  • Confidence: Talking to the boss, trying new things etc.
  • Self-esteem: Feel good about yourself.
  • Nail biting: Help with quitting the nail biting habit.
  • Letting go of the past: Putting the past behind you.
  • Pain limitation: Help in limiting your aches and pains. 
  • Stop smoking: Are you ready to stop now?
  • Weight loss. Time to shed the kilos?
  • Plus many more are welcome to phone or email Anne to ask if she can help you.
*Before making an appointment for Hypnosis please consult with your Doctor if pregnant or discontinuing any prescription treatment.

*Please note that those seeking treatment who are in a violent relationship, dangerous situation,  suffering depression or have suicidal thoughts should contact the relevant authorities that are more qualified to help them...for example Police, Doctor or Mental Health.

Wairarapa Mental Health ph 9469805. After hours ph 9469800.
Stopping violence services ph 3770933.
Rape crisis advice services ph 0800614614

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